Hey, it’s Corey!

Corey Kirkby from Crafty Beer BrosI am a craft beer blogger, photographer and I travel the globe tasting my way through some of the best craft beers on the planet, I hand select the best of the best and review either the beer or the venue on my blog/website.

I say ‘No longer do we have to sit on the sidelines with an average,  plain no substance beer’!

Let’s face it, we are here to have the best, and share our experiences of having craft beers so good that we have to spread the word of their liquid goodness within our craft beer community.

Crafty Beer Bros aims to pay homage to these craft beer kings. So come along for the ride, learn a few things and please leave your feedback. Oh yes,  also let me know about your favorite craft beers that I must try too! Lets make this a two way street here! I am always up for trying a new craft beer.

… of course you can simply enjoy the great brews we throw your way too!

My promise to you is I will never review a beer that does not reach a solid 7/10 on the Crafty Beer Bros rating scale.

Fun facts about me

# of Beers Tasted

#of Photos Taken

# of times I lost my keys

My favourite time
is BeerFest time



We are having so much fun at Crafty Beer Bros!

For us, it is all about understanding what makes each craft beer so special. We do this by talking with the hearts and souls behind every drop made. Let’s face it, a great craft beer by itself is fantastic, but to know the story behind it truly gives it life and meaning.


Craft beer is a beautiful thing.

Crafty Beer Bros pride ourselves on capturing this beauty in every shot we take. Our focus is to reflect the brewers skill and devotion to craft beer in our imagery. Why not head over to our Beertography Services page to see how we can help you highlight your already amazing brews.


What is the Craft Beer Community all about?

Crafty Beer Bros believe it is all about sharing great craft beers and the wonderful local breweries that put their soul into every bottle, can or keg. So if you are a reader of our blog, or a brewery that wants to hook up, please contact us to say hello. We just love meeting new people that are crazy about craft beer!

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