I decided as it got closer to the middle of spring here in Melbourne, Australia…. that I would go out and get myself a few barrel aged dark beers before they all disappeared off the shelves for another 12 months.

OMG! I so glad that I did!

As what I stumbled upon was Exit Brewing’s very limited release of their ‘Barrel Aged Double Milk Stout’. Because, guess what I did after buying myself the first two cans of this liquid gold? I tasted it and went straight back to buy another six cans is what I did!

Now when it comes to Barrel Aged beer, finding something that stands up to the expectation under 11% ABV is usually not that easy. My most beloved beers of all time come from a barrel and usually kick off around the 11% mark at a bare minimum (hence me only buying the initial two cans). You see, I didn’t quite believe that a sub 9% ABV beer (8.2%) could be packed with so much goddamn flavour, but Exit Brewing proved me very wrong on this point.. very wrong indeed.

This beer offers so much enjoyment to anyone that loves to slowly sip away on those super dark, stickily sweet beers. Exit Brewing’s Barrel Aged Double Milk Stout oozes of all that deep chocolaty, coffee infused seduction you would expect from it’s much bigger older cousins, you can also have some caramel molasses is thrown in for fun… and of course, coming out of their PX barrels from up in Mount Langi Ghiran…. this beer is all wrapped up in an oak scented bow to put a massive smile on your dial.

Once you are finished drinking this beer, don’t be surprised if you find a hand written note at the bottom of the glass thanking your past self for buying this beer. If this doesn’t happen for you (even on a mental level) then we can no longer be friends. Simple as that.


Taste: 8.5/10

Cost: AU$10 per 375ml can

Value: Next Level Beer? You best your ass it is!


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